We handle the following types of tax returns:

Individual (1040) – fees start at $350

Individual with Sole-Proprietorship (1040 w/ Schedule C) – fees start at $400

Individual with Rental Properties (1040 w/ Schedule E) – fees start at $400

Partnership (1065) – fees start at $625 S-Corp (1120S) – fees start at $625

If you own an LLC, Schedule C Business, and/or Partnership, we require that you provide written revenue and expense reports (financial records). If you cannot provide the financial records, we will bill by the standard hourly rate based on the additional accounting work associated with your returns.

Documents to Submit:

  1. Individual Income Tax Returns: Tax Organizer
  2. Business Tax Returns: Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet with Prior Year Comparison. If you are unable to provide these financial statements, please use our Business Tax Worksheet.
  3. Current year’s documentation
  4. 1-3 prior year’s tax returns
  5. Copies of the driver’s license and social security card for yourself (and your spouse, if you have one)
  6. Copies of the birth certificate and social security card for any minors on the return

Our process:

  1. Fill out a Tax Organizer.
  2. Send your documents to us. You have several options regarding how to provide us with the documentation that we need to prepare your tax return: 
    • Mail your documents to us at: PO Box 30349, Gahanna, OH 43230-0349 
    • Transmit your documents via fax to: 614-448-4533 
    • Upload electronic copies of your tax documents to our secure web portal
  3. We will prepare your return and communicate with you via phone or email to ask questions 
  4.  We will communicate your final results via phone, email or Zoom conference 
  5.  Your completed return will be provided in hard copy via mail or electronically via the secure web portal.

Returns will be processed on a first in basis system, unless the return is waiting for additional documentation.

Call: +1.614.471.0500